Finding a Christmas Party Venue in London

Every year the same old problem, the boss gives the order to conjure up the party of the year for the company and to do it with a modest budget. No pressure then! So where do you start in London? There are so many bars, pubs and clubs in London that it could be a task that keeps you up all night!

When I normally book our staff Christmas Party Venue London, I have to do a lot of hunting around on the internet. There are not so many good sites as you just get basic listings of venues which don’t tell you much. I am normally looking for a venue with a bit of class and atmosphere, somewhere with a private space, so it feels like we have something special for our Christmas party, some tasty cocktails and drinks list and of course some good music to let your hair down to. So I want to design my night so that I feel we have put our stamp on the party and it is not just some cheesy old backroom of a pub.
My boss has a thing for rooftop bars so that is something I normally have to consider when planning our Christmas Party Venue London and things can get quite pricey!One thing I have also go to remember is that our budget is often limited, normally two or three complimentary drinks, but then the rest is at the expense of the staff. Because of that, I have to try and find a bar or club that has cheap drinks to make sure the party spirit continues!

We normally head to central London for our corporate events so that is normally the area of London I start looking at. Over the years we have had some really successful Christmas parties. Firstly I would recommend Meza as a great place. They have a private room with a plasma TV, options for karaoke, Wii, PlayStation and any other games that you want to add to the party. There is a really good DJ playing in the bar and it has a nice classy feel to the venue so everyone makes a special effort to get dressed up.

Come 25th December and it’s time to party, that’s the spirit of Christmas Party Venue London around the world. Celebrated by more than 2 billion people, this festival shows a flamboyant display of the Christian culture amongst all ages. London is one of the few great venues for Christmas parties in the world. With a Christian population of nearly 4.5 million out of the total 7.3 million, Christmas has special significance in this part of the world. We can notice here thatChristmas Party Venue London are on a full flow throughout the Christmas week, where every inch of this 174 sq. km. land mass is drenched in a party mood.

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The booking site should consider packages for each age group. Whether for an official celebration on Christmas or for adults who need all night’s party treat with great food, drinks and music around, or children’s Christmas party where Father Christmas himself pays a visit with sweets and gifts.