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Popular Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Explained

Every professional chef or budding home cook knows that their cooking equipment is paramount. You can’t cook a casserole in an old pan with a scratched bottom, unless you risk burning it. Equally, you can’t flip an omelette unless you […]

Working with an Events Planner

Working in the catering and events industry, you are going to need some good contacts in order to get the best work. It’s competitive – everyone will be going after similar jobs in your marketplace. Having a close working relationship […]

Securing Ongoing Catering Contracts

Working as a freelance caterer, or having your own catering business, is never going to be easy. Chances are you spend lots of time on the lookout for new work, which will help keep your business ticking over. If you […]

Catering for a Halloween Party

Halloween is a busy time of year, when people are throwing parties and wanting to have a good time with their friends. Putting together a menu fit for a fabulous Halloween party is a challenge for any caterer. Here are […]

Experience Elegance with A Hired Marquee

Many people have heard of a Marquee Hire Wellingborough, but what exactly is it? A marquee is essentially like having your own portable wedding venue. If you choose to have a marquee for your wedding, you will find that it […]