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New Year Party Catering Tips

The New Year of 2022 is fast approaching in the United Kingdom, and it is likely that people are planning their new year parties and how they are going to celebrate. So, we want to share with you some of […]

Designing the Right Kitchen for you

A kitchen is a very subjective thing and the perfect kitchen will vary from person to person. If you would like to design a commercial kitchen, then this might have very different appliances, and a different layout, to a domestic […]

Taking Responsibility for Hygiene in your Kitchen

Hygiene is your ultimate responsibility in your commercial kitchen and you need to take responsibility for everything that happens in there. If there is catering equipment that hasn’t been sterilised, if you have pests or some kind of infestation, or […]

Catering Hire for Restaurants

Restaurants will often have more equipment in house than general caterers, as they are based in one spot only. However, there might be times when a restaurant doesn’t quite have everything required, especially if you are working with outside caterers […]

Popular Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Explained

Every professional chef or budding home cook knows that their cooking equipment is paramount. You can’t cook a casserole in an old pan with a scratched bottom, unless you risk burning it. Equally, you can’t flip an omelette unless you […]

Working with an Events Planner

Working in the catering and events industry, you are going to need some good contacts in order to get the best work. It’s competitive – everyone will be going after similar jobs in your marketplace. Having a close working relationship […]