Popular Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Explained

Every professional chef or budding home cook knows that their cooking equipment is paramount. You can’t cook a casserole in an old pan with a scratched bottom, unless you risk burning it. Equally, you can’t flip an omelette unless you have the right shaped spatula to hand. By using the best kitchen utensils and appliances for the job, you immediately give yourself a far better chance of producing excellent food.

So if you are going to invest in new kitchen equipment, what should you choose? Much of this depends on the type of cook you are and whether you run a professional kitchen, or whether you are a good amateur chef. Here are some of the more popular utensils you might consider:

  • Tongs. A set of professional, stainless steel tongs could be far more helpful in the kitchen than you might think. Look for tongs with a rubber handle where possible, as this will help you to get a good grip on the food you are picking up.
  • Sieves. You can never have enough sieves in your kitchen! That’s because there are many different kinds, like passing sieves, stainless steel sieves, and larger sieving implements like colanders. You will use different sieves to sift different ingredients, so it’s useful to have plenty to hand.
  • Graters. Most commonly used for cheese, graters might also be used for ginger, carrots, courgette or other vegetables (though you can also use a mandolin). Choose different sized graters so you can get the food consistency you want.
  • Slicers and corers. Apple corers and pineapple corers are usually the most popular, making it much easier and less labour intensive for you to prepare fruit.
  • Spatulas and spoons. You can never have enough wooden spoons, and there will also be other kinds, like slotted spoons for serving. Equally, you will need different spatulas for different types of food.

These are some of the popular kitchen gadgets your might consider:

  • Hand whisks. Take the difficulty out of whisking by choosing an electric whisk, perfect for making sweet dishes.
  • Coffee makers. The range of coffee makers available to you is vast, with the option of full coffee stations, airpots, cafetieres, grinders and more. Many options will be more suitable for commercial markets and others will suit your home.
  • Sandwich toasters. You can use these at home, or in a cafe or restaurant, allowing you to make the perfect toastie every time.
  • Rice cookers. Cooking rice to the right consistency is hard, so make your life easier with an electric rice cooker that will do all the hard work.
  • Soup kettle. Cook and store delicious warming soups to serve straight up.

The best thing to do is to find a kitchenware supplier who will be able to supply everything you need, all in one place. A good online store will have lots of options for caterers, so it’s possible to browse their collections, find anything that you might need for your kitchen and that you are specifically seeking, or get inspired for your next kitchen purchase.