Hiring a New Catering Manager

The catering manager performs an integral role within a company. They are responsible for ensuring the catering quality is high, managing any other members of the team to deliver excellent catering services. Much of the business you receive will be down to your catering manager so it is important to hire the right person for the role.

Look for someone who is an experienced caterer but also an experienced manager and innovative thinker. They will need to have a strong food-related background, with food and hygiene qualifications as well as plenty of practical, hands on experience in the kitchen. However, they will also need to be able to think of new, fresh ideas and come up with menu concepts that work across the board.

Interview catering managers thoroughly to find out why they want the role and what experience they have. Passion and enthusiasm will get people a long way in the pressurised catering industry, so make sure they have this.