Easy Foods To Make In Bulk

When you are working within the catering industry, you are likely going to need to make any food you are offering on your services in bulk. Before you decide what food to offer in your catering service, read through our list of some of the easiest foods to make in bulk.

Pasta has to be one of the easiest products to cook in bulk, and what’s better, you can offer this is a variety of different flavours. Pasta is super simple to cook, with most only needing to be on the hob in water for 10 minutes. Cooking this and enjoying it cold at an event is easy to do. Mixing the cooked pasta with a sauce of the customer’s choice, making for a super simple meal.

Finger sandwiches are also super easy to make in bulk. A loaf of bread can make a large number of finger-sized sandwiches. With you being able to offer a range of simple fillings, this won’t take you long to make up before an event.