Christmas Parties in London – the Festive Season in the Capital

London is a great place for a Christmas party. It is easy to get to, so whether you work in the city or you are travelling in from elsewhere, you will be able to have an amazing and unforgettable Christmas party. If you want to do something a little different, now is around the right time to get thinking about it. Whilst it feels like Christmas has just happened, it is very much time to start thinking about the next one. Places get booked up fast, and no amount of searching ‘Christmas party London is going to get you anywhere. If you want to have a memorable party for your staff, make sure to get in early.

Have you thought about a shared party?

If your budget won’t quite stretch to hiring out a whole hotel in London, why not think about a shared party? This doesn’t have to detract from the experience – it is still possible to have a great time and often, the atmosphere will be great. It’s an excellent option for small companies who want to have a party but who don’t really have enough members of staff to justify it. Rather than having a disco on your own, join in with others!

Shared parties will usually be themed events run by various hotels and venues. They will decide on an overall theme, put on a menu and have some music as well. You can then book various packages – some may include a private dinner, whilst others will all be in one large space. The hotels have plenty of room for it, so you will never fell like it is overcrowded or impersonal. It’s a lovely experience that your staff will really enjoy.

A shared party can feel much more like the way people imagine a Christmas party, with lots of dancing, people and good music. It is the chance for everyone to let their hair down and have a good time together, in a great atmosphere. And it will still feel far more exclusive than going to a generic bar or restaurant. The part will be tailored to a Christmas theme and it will all have been put together to please a crowd just like yours. Themes might vary from winter wonderland and full-on glitz and glamour, with dress-up themes, competitions, awards and more.

Planning your party

Planning is the secret to a great Christmas party. The devil is in the detail, after all. Your staff may not remember it all clearly after a few glasses of Prosecco, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be right. And they will all really appreciate it if you have gone to that much effort for them. You should have a good look at what you would like to do now, and if required, book in a professional party and events planner to help. They will make sure everything is perfect from beginning to end, and they will come along to the party to make sure it all runs smoothly if required. If you have an internal event and marketing team, they should be able to organise something spectacular for you with this amount of notice.