Catering From Your Home

When starting out in the catering world, it is likely that you will be offering this service from your own home. So, today we are going to share with you some of our tips when you are catering from your home.

Step 1 – Organise Your Kitchen
Before you even begin offering a catering service from your home, you want to organise your current kitchen. You want to work out your storage situation. Know exactly where food will be going that is for your home life. As well as where your ingredients will be going that you need for your catering service. The organisation in your kitchen is most important when running a catering business from your home.

Step 2 – Cleanliness
When you are working as a caterer from your home, you will need to have your kitchen inspected to ensure it is safe for food. This means your kitchen needs to be extremely clean. Before you book in for your inspection, make sure you have cleaned every aspect of your kitchen to be able to show a clean and safe area for work.

Step 3 – Packaging
One aspect that home caterers tend to forget is the packaging. You do need to have packaging for your goods. If you are someone who is catering for events, this can be fairly large. You need to ensure you have somewhere practical to store this and remember to use it.

These are just a few of the steps that you need to take to ensure you are able to cater effectively from your home. It is important to remember catering from your home is no different to using a large warehouse. You still need to follow the same regulations as safety is always the number one priority especially in the food industry.