Catering Facilities in a Marquee

Catering for a wedding can often mean using a marquee for catering. It can be difficult to know what facilities there will be and whether you can get appliances like cookers, heaters and hobs. Here is some advice for catering for a wedding set in a marquee:

  • Find out if there are cooking facilities elsewhere. You might be able to cook in a kitchen and then bring the food over to the marquee.
  • Hire your own cooking equipment. Portable equipment can be a good investment if you are going to be catering for lots of weddings.
  • Bring food pre-prepared and keep it warm. Don’t do any of your cooking on site – make sure everything is ready and can be served up fresh, having prepared it elsewhere.
  • Have a BBQ. This way, you won’t need any indoor cooking facilities. Cook meat and vegetarian food on a BBQ and serve it to guests when it is ready.