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Experience Elegance with A Hired Marquee

Many people have heard of a Marquee Hire Wellingborough, but what exactly is it? A marquee is essentially like having your own portable wedding venue. If you choose to have a marquee for your wedding, you will find that it […]

Expanding Your Business as an Events Caterer

If you’re able to cater for events, there are lots of opportunities for you to grow and develop your business. It’s an area where your skills are going to be in demand, and where people will be willing to pay […]

Catering for a Themed Party

Themed parties should be a spectacle from beginning to end, and that includes the food. If an event has a theme, it has to be done wholeheartedly or it can end up lacking the energy and enthusiasm which it needs […]

Catering Courses for Youths

There are plenty of different catering courses to choose between, and whether you’re looking to go to a college, or looking to have one-on-one sessions with a catering tutor, you can pick up the skills very quickly. Obviously, if you’re […]