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Baking Equipment for Catering

Baking is a popular hobby, what with all the programmes that are now on television and baking becoming more mainstream. However, if you work as a professional cook and want to bake, the circumstances are going to be very different […]

Launching a Catering Business in the New Year

The New Year is so nearly here. If you have a passion for catering and it is something that you have begun to get more serious about, you should think about launching your own business. What better time to start […]

Hiring a New Catering Manager

The catering manager performs an integral role within a company. They are responsible for ensuring the catering quality is high, managing any other members of the team to deliver excellent catering services. Much of the business you receive will be […]

Cooking for a Crowd – Tips and Tricks

Cooking for a large group of people is always challenging. There are so many things to think about in the kitchen as it is, and when you are cooking for a large group of party it takes even more concentration. […]

Catering Facilities in a Marquee

Catering for a wedding can often mean using a marquee for catering. It can be difficult to know what facilities there will be and whether you can get appliances like cookers, heaters and hobs. Here is some advice for catering […]

Catering at Christmas – how to be Successful

Christmas is big business in the world of catering. It’s a time known for good food and good drink, when people are willing to spend money to get quality catering for their events. If you are able to provide the […]

Catering for People who are Vegetarian

People have increasingly specialist diets, and a larger number of people than ever before are now choosing to adopt a vegetarian diet. As a catering professional, you will need to ensure that you can cater for vegetarians effectively. It’s always […]