Baking Equipment for Catering

Baking is a popular hobby, what with all the programmes that are now on television and baking becoming more mainstream. However, if you work as a professional cook and want to bake, the circumstances are going to be very different because:

  • You have time pressures
  • You need to make bigger batches
  • You don’t have the opportunity to get it wrong – you are selling this food

The right equipment helps your baking to be a success. Think about investing in:

  • New tins. Tins should be replaced regularly, and you should buy ones that are big enough to accommodate larger batches.
  • A cake mixer. For mixing dough, you simply cannot get better results than with a cake mixer. Use a handheld whisk if this isn’t something you can purchase.
  • An oven thermometer. If you cook on different sites regularly, you will be using different ovens all the time. You need to make sure they are showing the correct temperature, or your cakes, cookies and sweets could burn.