Hiring a Marquee – a Guide for Events Planners

Finding a decent marquee for your event doesn’t have to be stressful. It is possible to find marquee hire Bedford for good prices, with good service and a wide choice of marquees to help you set the scene for your perfect event. Finding a good marquee is about more than finding a good supplier, though – this is a major part of it, but there’s much more to consider. It is all about finding a marquee that will work for you, giving you the space you need to realise your event’s potential and make sure all your guests are going to be able to make the most of your event. You should seriously think about the different marquee styles and which one will be best for your event.

You should spend plenty of time looking into marquees, their styles and how they can be used. You will need to know the details of your event before you can consider hiring, because you need to know how much space you will have and how many people have to be accommodated.

The main styles of marquee are:

Capri marquees 

These are the most modern kinds of marquees, offering you clean sightlines and a minimalist look. They don’t look like a traditional building – they have domed and peaked sections where the material is stretched over a frame. This means that they are supported internally and you won’t have to use dangerous guy lines and ropes that people could trip over.

Framed marquees 

With a more traditional look, these marquees are a regular shaped and can have windows to resemble an actual building. They tend to be a more traditional shape as well, so they can be good if you need to seat people in rows, such as for a wedding or a conference. They are also supported internally, so whilst they are more traditional in their looks, they are still innovative in their design. You will find many different features available and they will withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can even use them in winter.

Finding your supplier 

If you work in events and regularly plan weddings and corporate events, you might want to find a marquee supplier you can work with on a regular basis. This is a good way to get loyalty discounts and secure the best prices for your clients. When you work with a regularly company, you will get to know the ways in which each other work and you will be able to know at the drop of a hat what they are able to get for you. This can also be beneficial if you need other kinds of products, as many events planners won’t be able to keep things like chair covers, linen and crockery in stock. You will probably need to rely on an external supplier, so if this is something that your marquee supplier can also offer, this is a big bonus. You will then be able to source all the drinks, dining and events equipment you need in one single place.